qick npc ghost talk idea before sleep! I’d forget about it otherwise.

You know, it’s difficult being a ghost sometimes. Knowing that you’ve lived an entire lifetime before this but having no memories of it… Ah, I’m sorry - I feel a ramble coming on and you’re busy I’m sure…

[No, go ahead] [Uh, yeah, gotta go!]

(if yes)

I think about life a lot! I think the living think about death just as much. Who was I before now? Was I successful in life? Loved? Happy? Or maybe I was hated. Maybe I did terrible things! To wonder how one lived leads one to thoughts of how one died. Surrounded by people who cared for me? Bleeding and broken on the ground?Did I die in darkness or in light? Perhaps it doesn’t matter. Maybe what matters is the here and now, this time and this place. Perhaps I should stop chasing the ghosts of memories and start to make new memories of ghosts. Thank you! You’ve helped me work out a lot today. Have this!

[item given to player]

(if no)

That’s okay, I understand…

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