a bunch of notes regarding the colab project after the cut - it’s easier for me to have them here in once place! The game’ll be called In The Reverie.

- revolves around the idea of capturing photographs of “enemies” in order to remember the dream - enemies are different creatures and such that you can’t physically attack, rather you take photographs. 

direct copy and paste:

I’m thinking a cute ‘em up in the vein of Pop ‘n Twinbee or Pocky & Rocky, but with the trippiness of Space Invaders Infinity Gene.

Progressing through dream worlds, but instead of killing things - it’s all photography-based & every creature you encounter/photograph in-game fills up a Pokedex-like device.

Instead of ammo, naturally you’d pick up film canisters & maybe things like a flash, different cameras, or different types of film act as the various types of power-up’s

"enemies" wouldn’t die, if anything that’d be dazed from the flash or if the weapon at the time was an instant camera they’d get hit by the ejected exposure. Cartoon-like violence, but nothing too serious.

Perhaps have a level select sort of like those Pocky & Rocky, RoboTrek, Super Mario World styled maps.

And basically, the end goal is to take enough pictures so that you remember the dream.
Of course it would be a vertical scrolling shump too (just cause I like those)
  • Stage 01 - Theta Waves
  • Stage 02 - Sleep Spindles
  • Stage 03 - Delta Waves
  • Stage 04 - Delta Sleep
  • Stage 05 - REM

level progression screen similar to 1, 2

super cute and colourful!

gameplay style similar to Space HarrierDetana Twinbee

levels progress - they should become more trippy & more abstract

last level inspired by 80s wire-frame games, Star Wars ( Space Invaders Infinity GeneKenta Cho’s games (Parsec47) )

vary gameplay - focus on capturing images, then to avoiding and dodging, so on

direct copy and paste regarding attacks:

I mentioned the “attacks” before, and I thought about it a bit more & came up with this:
Main weapon will resemble a 35mm camera & you’d be able to pick up different cameras as different attacks
For “bombs”, flash cubes or the flash attachments for the La SardinaDiana F+ or Holga cameras could be used to clear the screen.
Polaroid style cameras could act like a spread shot
Perhaps a 110 camera as a machine gun.
Blackbird Fly/Lubitel 166+ Camera would be like the slow, but powerful shot.