Ah thanks!!

I want to for backgrounds, I haven’t thought about it any more than that though…  I’ll look into it! It’s not the visual stuff I feel like I’ve done too much of to start again but rather everything else. So I’m defiantly open to trying out new ways of putting a map together at this point!

I think the parallaxing you are referring to is the special effects backgrounds that move as you walk. Sort of like scenery. parallax mapping is actually different. It allows you to not be limited by tilesets, and actually you are able to add a lot more to your environments. You just have to be careful when setting them up to make sure you have photoshop showing you where the squares are. Here, this is a good video showing you what parallax mapping is. [LINK]

oh right! this is my first time attempting something like this (the only things I’ve made before have been little things in game maker) and I’m pretty much just winging it. So this is really interesting, thank you! I’ve been making sort of “mock-up” maps in photoshop sticking to a 32x32 grid anyway.

Have you used rpg maker before then? I’d really love to have someone that has at least some experience in it that I can maybe question if I get stuck with something. Like I said, I really am just making this up as I go along and sticking with whatever works!