The version of rpg maker I’m using (vx), by default, only lets you use a set number of tilesets. Which is a hassle! Because I want to use lots. To get around this there’s a neat little program and script that swaps tilesets around when you go into new areas. This’ll work fine but it’s really awkward. Before playtesting, all tilesets have to be set back to default so rooms you’ve been working on… turn into the picture posted (it’s fine in game though!).

I’d use vx ace which allows unlimited tilesets but, man, I’ve done too much to start again now, plus I don’t like any of the battle systems that I’ve seen done for vx ace.

Making tilesets is like thinking in squares twice… First for the objects, then for the spaces they fill. It’s tricky and often I have to make a sacrifice of something that looks good to something that works. But I’m learning! At least I’m learning.

Have you ever though about trying out parallaxing? Instead of using tilesets. It can be a little confusing at first, but it’s honestly a really nice way to go.

Though I don’t know if you are too far into making the game to try that out or not.

Either way, I’m really looking forward to see this game completed!

Ah thanks!!

I want to for backgrounds, I haven’t thought about it any more than that though…  I’ll look into it! It’s not the visual stuff I feel like I’ve done too much of to start again but rather everything else. So I’m definitely open to trying out new ways of putting a map together at this point!